Be a part of the TV documentary story of the Hotel Roanoke

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7)-- The architecture is just the beginning.

Residents of Roanoke and the surrounding areas are lucky enough to be able to appreciate the historical site up-close on a regular basis. PBS wants to step in and help those that are not geographically well fit for a visit, to be able to still learn about the stories and people behind it. "Hotel Roanoke: The Grand Old Lady on the Hill" is coming to screens in August through Blue Ridge PBS, and anyone who memorabilia, photographs or stories dealing with the hotel is invited to be a part of it!

Deadline for submissions is listed as Friday, July 26. The grand hotel stands on a former wheat field, and was also the subject of a 1994 book titled, "Peanut Soup & Spoonbread: An Informal History of Hotel Roanoke."

Anyone looking to share their connection with the hotel for the benefit of the documentary can call 540-983-1780, or email for more information regarding the process.