“We were so afraid that might be his grave”; Franklin Co. dog safe after getting stuck

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)- A Franklin County dog is home safe after he found himself stuck in a dangerous situation.

Photo: Franklin County VA Animal Control and Shelter Facebook page.

Henry the beagle was exploring in his backyard when he became trapped inside a truck that had been buried underground.

Tuesday, Carolyn Zachwieja squeezed her pup a little tighter.

"We were just so relieved because we didn't know if he would get out, and that's just a terrible feeling," Zachwieja said.

Henry had been out exploring in the yard Sunday and didn’t make it back inside that night. Monday morning, Zachwieja went looking for him.

“I walked down that way and I could see my other dogs going to him and he was there and it was so scary because all I could see was his little head in the ground,” she said.

Henry was trapped, hanging by his neck from a truck that had been buried underground.

“We were so afraid that might be his grave,” Zachwieja said.

Zachwieja and her family tried to dig Henry out, but they needed to call for backup.

“I figured he fell down a ditch or something like that, but I wasn’t expecting him to be in a car in a hole,” Animal Control Officer Ben Lamm said.

Franklin County Animal Control and Fork Mountain Volunteer Fire Department used the jaws-of-life to pry open the metal and get Henry free.

“Just wanted to make sure he was okay and not in shock,” Lamm said.

After being stuck for more than 12 hours, Henry didn’t have a scratch on him.

Zachwieja said she is grateful for all the first responders who jumped in to help.

“I am just lucky to live in an area that does so many good things,” she said.

For now, Henry is laying low until he can sniff out his next adventure.

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The old pup, named Henry, managed to get himself stuck in a hole in the ground, which turned out to be remnants of a partially buried old car.

Henry's family went looking for him when he didn't return from a bathroom break, and they heard the dog barking beneath the ground.

Franklin County Animal Control was called for help. Together with Fork Mountain Fire Department and Franklin County Public Safety, they used shovels and metal-bending tools to free Henry from his underground prison.

Animal control says Henry is doing just fine, and he was swiftly taken to his nice, warm bed in front of the fireplace.

See the slideshow below for photos of his rescue.

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Photo: Franklin County VA Animal Control and Shelter Facebook page.