Beale's Brewery and BBQ to open this weekend in Bedford

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) The beer is brewed, the chicken is smoked, and the doors are about to be opened at Beale's Brewery in Bedford County.

James Frazer moved to Bedford County when he was 19 years old. He taught himself how to brew beer on his stove top. Today, he is the Brewmaster of the first brewery in Bedford County, Beale's.

"I learned how to brew on Bedford water and I made a lot of friends sharing this beer I made in Bedford and now I get to come back professionally and share this beer in the town where I learned how to brew it," said Frazer.

The building in downtown Bedford has been vacant for over 15 years, but on Saturday that will all change. Bedford will join the more than 100 craft breweries in the state of Virginia, with a different atmosphere.

"Very approachable beer. We're going to try and break through the limits of what craft beer is," said Frazer.

The brewery will be paired with a BBQ restaurant.

"Love of beer and love of BBQ- I think they're both the great equalizer in the community and will bring a lot of people together," said Jared Srsic, Director of Hospitality

Named after the legend of the Beale's treasure, hidden in the hills of Bedford County, a large map hangs on the wall. The smokers were made in a local shop, and Bedford pictures line the bar.

Despite the local angles, management is hoping that Beale's will draw people from all over.

"We want to spread our beer throughout the whole state and bring people to Bedford to come to the source to drink it," said Frazer.