Bedford County Board of Supervisors approve sale of former Thaxton Elementary School property

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) The Bedford County Board of Supervisors decided to move forward with selling the former Thaxton Elementary School property.

The school closed back in 2015 and it will now sell to Monumental Ironworks for 150 thousand dollars. The Lynchburg business focuses in metal fabrication.

The property was previously assessed at 2.1 million dollars, but that was based on when the school was running and had sewage. One member of the public did raise concerns over the price of the sale and how it would eventually affect Downtown Thaxton, but ultimately the board approved the sale.

“The school isn't doing us any good sitting there vacant, we know how that goes. We are excited that there is someone interested in repurposing the property,” said Patrick Skelley, Bedford County Attorney.

The contract requires the business to reach certain milestones like adding jobs to the county. The board is hoping this will help boost the local economy.