Bedford County Capital Improvement Plan includes focus on public schools

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Five years and $70 million: It's all part of Bedford County's proposed five-year Capital Improvement plan.

It includes a large section focused on public schools. "Roof repair or replacement, parking lot resurfacing or repair, some flooring updates," explained Bedford County Public Schools' chief operating officer Mac Duis.

"It's not things that people see all the time, so they're not flashy, but they do impact the daily functioning of the school," added Randy Hagler, the county schools' chief financial officer.

It includes a large section focused on public schools.

Anything from new heating and cooling systems to the expansion project at Forest Middle School, budgeted to cost $22.5 million. "We have schools across the county on that list in all corners," Duis said.

And it all comes with a price tag of more than 32 million dollars.

But, not everyone feels all schools have been given enough attention. "They didn't ask for a performance center, they didn't ask for a bigger gym," said Charla Bansley, the district three Board of Supervisors member.

Bansley says students at Huddleston Elementary just want warm water to wash their hands. "And it is overcrowded, they have kinds in trailers, we need to really take it seriously on how we're going to help this community," she added. "They really do feel like they're being forgotten."

Bansley says the school is in need of renovations and expansion.

She says bringing attention to the school is a top priority. "I'm going to keep on pushing it, I'm going to be the squeaky wheel."

School leaders said they're hoping to hire a professional to do a study that will help them prioritize everything on their list.

That will cost $33,000.