Bedford County Fire and Rescue trains students for special operations

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BEDFORD CO. Va. (WDBJ7) Bedford County Fire and Rescue is hosting it's fourth annual Technical Rescue School this weekend.

Students are doing hands-on training in order to join the special operations command team.

This team does everything from fire service, water rescue, ropes, confined space, trenching and shoring and other tasks that require certain skills.

Bedford County's special operations team currently has 38 members.

"They teach you a lot you know the basics starting out. They teach you the difference between paddles, the currents in the water, how it's going to affect you in the boat," student, Jeremy Womble said.

This is Womble's first training. He says working together is the name of the game.

"If you don't work as a team somebody is going to die out there. That's the point of us working as a team to save a life," Womble said.

Special Operations Battalion Chief Monty Coleman says the 48-hour training is needed in order to grow the organization.

"Being a volunteer agency our goal is to deploy 20 people at a time, which is a large number and we've been very successful with that number of 20," Coleman said.

The training requires students to think outside of the box while using the skills that they've learned.

"Everything we do is about experience. I mean you can take test. You can do very well on a test but when you get your hands on it it's a practical skill. That's where the pavement is met," Coleman said.

Womble says the training is challenging but rewarding at the same time.

"From what I've seen we work very well and I'm very proud of what we are doing here," Womble said.

The students will continue training on Sunday.