UPDATE: Bedford County Sheriff's Office will donate free bike helmets to kids

BEDFORD COUNTY (WDBJ7) -- UPDATE: Sheriff's deputies in Bedford County are now packing their patrol cars with something extra: Bike helmets. It's a program called "Heroes with Helmets".

11-year-old Brayden Terry benefited from the program. Terry loves his bike, but just two weeks ago something went wrong.

"I hit a jump and I crashed and I hit my head on the handlebars and it gashed my head open,” said Terry describing an incident that sent him to the hospital.

He wasn't wearing a helmet. You can still see the cut on his forehead, but that couldn't stop Terry. A week later he was back on two wheels with his friends.

While they were riding, their bikes and scooters were met with a deputy's car. What came out of the deputy’s car? A surprise: new bike helmets for all of the kids.

"Heroes with Helmets" provides Bedford County Sheriff’s Deputies with bike helmets to hand out to kids who aren’t wearing one.

So along with ammunition, fire extinguishers and protective vests, deputies are now also required to carry bike helmets in their trunk. They come in multiple colors. Terry and his friend Tyler liked red, and it's that simple. If the deputies see kids without helmets, they hop out and give them one.

Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown says the helmets are a result of donations from more than 10 sponsors. It's an initiative focused around safety.

“We have a number of kids here in the county that have fallen off of bikes, wrecked the bikes, and come out with quite a bang on the head,” said Sheriff Mike Brown.

They have about 150 helmets that the deputies hope to hand out while on patrol. After the 150 are gone, they will reassess the program and ask sponsors to continue their support. The goal is to keep citizens safe and happy.

"When they stopped and handed them the helmets, I'm sure that just floored them. Cause you can see the smile on their faces,” said Sheriff Brown.

“It made me feel good,” said Terry.

And with that Terry and his friends pedaled away, heads fully protected.

Original article: In conjunction with the Bedford County Sheriff's Office 'Bike Rodeo', the department will be donating bike helmets to young children around the county -- free of charge.

Each deputy has several helmets in their car specifically for young children that they spot riding their bike without head protection.

Deputies say they hope these helmets will help children continue on the path to adhering to safety rules designed to keep them safe and injury free.