Bedford County based company working with local facilities to create cleaner environments

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) As flu season continues across the country, one local company is working to make schools and offices cleaner.

NanoTouch materials in Bedford County creates a self-cleaning surface called NanoSeptic. They mold the NanoSeptic into different products ranging from tissue boxes to, their most recent creation, liners for TSA bins.

One of the most common uses is an adhesive for door handles. When any type of light comes into contact with the material, it self-cleans.

“It’s a self-cleaning surface that creates an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach,” said Dennis Hackemeyer one of the founders of NanoTouch Materials.

They started almost six years ago. Since then, they have gained a national and even international presence. NanoSeptic can be found in Kazakhstan, Romania, Greece and South Africa, to name just a few places.

Now, Liberty University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine can be added to that list. About 500 people walk through the college a week. With that kind of traffic flow and flu season at its height, the college wanted to think outside of the box.

“We are actively trying to think of creative ways to help reduce fomites and pathogens and bacteria,” said Chris Breedlove, Director of Marketing and PR for LUCOM.

They're not the only the local business, about 20 more have placed orders since the new year. The founders of NanoTouch say this local surge comes as a result of businesses wanting to make “clean visible”. Basically, people will know what surfaces are clean because they can see the NanoSeptic on the handle.

NanoSeptic adds to the cleanliness process. Washing hands is important, but after you're likely touching some less than clean surfaces.

“We're always collecting contaminants every day and every touch that we rest and these contaminants can survive on surfaces for a long time,” said Hackemeyer.

They're hoping more NanoSeptic in our backyards will help keep things safe and clean.

“It's fantastic to have some local folks,” said Hackemeyer. “Because it's close to home, right? We get that.”