Bedford County firefighter training dedicated to fallen firefighter

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BEDFORD Co., Va. (WDBJ7) -- Firefighters from all over the state will be participating in hands-on training in Bedford County on Saturday.

It's the second annual "Truck School;" and the event isn't just about learning.

It's hands-on firefighting training.

An idea Forest Fire Chief Monty Coleman brought to Bedford County. "Throwing ladders, and you know doing rescues and searching for victims and you know, breaking stuff," he said.

Coleman has 80 students from Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia signed up for the class.

There will also be about 30 instructors teaching their love for the job. "I've called in a lot of friends that I know, you know, 'you owe me one, so, let's make this thing happen," said Coleman.

But the training isn't the only reason this event is so special.

"We were in total shock," recalled Coleman.

Lieutenant Brad Clark died last month while responding to an emergency call as the remains of Hurricane Michael swept over Central Virginia.

Chief Coleman had spoken with Clark just hours before the crash.

The Hanover County firefighter was set to teach at Saturday's training.

So now, the program is dedicated to Clark. “What we’re going to do is we’re going to start off by just talking about Brad and his knowledge and his desire and his passion for the fire service," Coleman said. "Our way back is to honor him by continuing with the traditions he instilled in a lot of folks and that's to get out there and train hard, push yourself, and that's what our desire is and the group we have here, that's in our truck school, is definitely going to live up to that."