Bedford County leaders keeping focus on buyers for TEVA plant

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- It's been two years since a pharmaceutical plant in Bedford County announced it's selling.

TEVA said it would close in 2020 if a new buyer didn't step in.

Since then, county leaders have been working to keep focus on the factory for potential buyers.

"We are working with the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, we've invited elected officials there, we've really been trying to get the word out with people who can tell real estate professionals that are looking for new sites, that we have a great asset here," said Traci Blido, the county's director of economic development.

Leaders have organized a tour event this fall for interested buyers.

WDBJ7 has reached out to TEVA to see if it has a hard closing date; it hasn't responded yet.

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