Bedford deputies mourn Dallas shooting, review counter-ambush maneuvers

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) In response to Thursday night's shooting in Dallas, law enforcement leaders in our region are taking additional measures to keep their officers and deputies safe.

Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown calls the Dallas shooting "morally reprehensible" and says it impacted everyone in his department.

Flags in front of the sheriff's office have been lowered to half-staff and badges have been shrouded as a show of solidarity with the Dallas police force.

A wreath has also been posted in the lobby of the sheriff's office as a display of mourning for the Dallas officers. Friday morning Brown says his team held a moment of silent prayer for the officers who were killed.

From a tactical standpoint, deputies are getting a refresher course on what Brown calls "counter-ambush maneuvers." He wouldn't go into detail about what those maneuvers involve, but he says his deputies are trained to protect themselves in the event of an ambush-style attack.

"There are modes that you go into," Brown explained. "Defensive positions that you go into, react to, and follow through on until you know what is going on."

Brown says he talked to police chiefs in several nearby jurisdictions and they're going over the same procedures today.

Brown serves on the executive committee of the National Sheriff's Association and he may be representing that organization at a memorial service in Dallas for the fallen officers.

Jean, Brown says the exact dates for the memorial service are still being planned.