Bedford family searches for missing man 16 years later

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) A Bedford family is still searching for their father after nearly two decades.

James Walker would be 69 years old today. His family has been hosting events and handing out flyers ever since his disappearance.

Walker was last seen in the Food Lion parking lot on Longwood Avenue in Bedford, April 7, 2000. His description on the flyer is a white male, 6'5" height and weighs 140 pounds.

Walker's family says they haven't given up hope and they just want closure.

"If we hear anything about something happening to somebody then we think "Oh My God it's our dad" but it's never our dad," said oldest daughter, Misty.

The family has now turned to the AWARE Foundation for help. The Roanoke agency works to become the voices for the missing, endangered or murdered.

Family members were told he went grocery shopping with friends. After hearing numerous stories, they say they don't know what to believe anymore. Walker's son, Bobby, doesn't think his father is alive.

"I believe they did something to him. I'm not going to sit here and lie about it because that's what I believe," Walker said.

The Bedford Police Department and the Bedford County Sheriff's Office are investigating the case and they need the public's help.

If you have seen James Walker or know anything about his whereabouts call them directly at 540-586-4800 or 540-587-6011.