Bedford family thanks first responders for quick actions during pond rescue

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Farm life is an adventure for 9-year-old Matthew Bean and his 6-year-old brother, Malachi.

"God has given us these precious boys and we love them to death," said their mother, Megan Bean. "We've taught them the right way to explore nature around them and the yard."

On Tuesday afternoon, the boys ventured down to a small pond behind the family home in Bedford County.

"I saw a boat and we wanted to get on it," Malachi said.

To reach the boat, Malachi had to wade through a swampy patch of mud.

"I didn't realize the mud was so deep," Malachi said.

"My brother stepped somewhere and he got completely stuck," recalled Matthew, who ran to his mother and asked her to come help.

"I took a couple of steps into the mud and I sunk down," Megan Bean said.

"When she got stuck she told me to call 911," Matthew said.

"We have talked about situations like this in the past, when he needs to call 911," Megan Bean said. "We have a little card in our house that has our address and phone number and everything that he would need to tell a dispatcher."

Firefighters arrived in about 10 minutes.

"They got me out by using a ladder," Malachi said.

When asked if he was scared while he was stuck in the mud, Malachi smiled and quickly replied, "No."

"That's why I got a teddy bear!" Malachi said. "I got a teddy bear for being brave!"

"They know what to do in an emergency situation and we teach them how to handle emergency situations," Megan Bean said. "Matthew knew to come and get me and Malachi knew to stay calm in that situation. We're very grateful they put what we have taught them to good use."

Megan Bean said her boys were not injured during yesterday's incident. They just needed an extra long bath last night to wash off all the mud. She said the boys are still allowed to play on the farm, but the pond is now off limits.