Bedford parents plan meeting to discuss baseball program concerns

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) One Bedford County high school is getting a new gymnasium, but some parents are worried about the impact that project will have on their baseball program.

Liberty High School's new competition gym is slated to be built on what is now a baseball field.

Some parents say the school system hasn't come up with an adequate plan for holding baseball practices and games, once construction of the new gym gets underway.

"I don't think anyone is discouraged about where the gym is going or that we are getting a new gym. I think they are discouraged about what the plan might be in the next couple of years for the baseball team," said Bryan Schley, a parent with a ninth grade student who plans to play on Liberty's baseball team

Concerned parents are holding a meeting Wednesday night at 7 in the town council chambers at the Bedford Municipal Building.

Organizers say the goal of Wednesday's discussion will be to form a plan for tackling concerns about the baseball program, which they hope to present at Thursday's meeting of the Bedford County School Board.