Bedford supervisors agree to advertise tourism director opening

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Bedford County leaders are moving forward with plans to hire a tourism director.

The county's board of supervisors voted 5 to 2 last night to advertise the job, with a minimum salary of 70-thousand dollars.

Supervisors originally considered spending money on a consulting firm, to help the county develop a marketing strategy for tourism.

Leaders of attractions like the D-Day Memorial opposed the idea and encouraged supervisors to hire a tourism director, who could develop his or her own marketing strategy.

"An outside consulting group is going to look at things with a different perspective," said Jim McCann, tour coordinator for the National D-Day Memorial. "If this is your home, you are going to want to show off and highlight the things that are in your home."

The new tourism director will replace Jerry Craig, who left the same position earlier this year.