Bedford teens organize prayer vigil in response to global violence

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) It started during a round of basketball. Taron Robinson broke from the game to ask his friends something personal.

"I asked them what their plans were for 10 years in the future," Robinson explained.

"I didn't really know how to respond, because I'm living in the present," remarked Robinson's friend and classmate, Micah Graves. "I don't really try to figure out my future."

"When he asked me about my future, it just amazed me that he cared," said Robinson's friend, Isaiah Graves.

From that simple question, a movement was born.

"I decided to come up with this group and try to help them have a brighter future, and in the meantime try to help the community come together and prevent younger people from having the same problem," said Robinson.

They call themselves "Boys With A Dream," young men committed to improving themselves and their hometown.

"If you can dream it, you can become it," said Robinson, describing the motto that appears on the back of the group's t-shirts.

"It has given me a chance to come out and reach out to the community," said Micah Graves.

One way they're reaching out is by holding a prayer vigil Thursday night.

"I think the devil is just running rampant all over the world I think everybody just needs a little piece of prayer to help them get better," Robinson said.

Through their actions, they hope to keep violence from touching their community.

"I think prayer is a powerful weapon," said Robinson.

The prayer vigil organized by "Boys with a Dream" runs from 6 to 8 Thursday night at the Bedford Farmer's Market. They're hoping the event will start a dialogue about ways to prevent violence here in Bedford and around the world.