Bedford trash company owners explain plans for Appomattox industrial site

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APPOMATTOX, Va. (WDBJ7) The owners of a Bedford County trash business are trying to clear up confusion about what they're hoping to do on a large industrial site in Appomattox, after some town leaders raised concerns about the company's plans

"We really thought that this would be a positive thing for the town of Appomattox," said Brad Bays, vice president of Bays Trash Removal.

Bays told WDBJ7 that he and his father, Basil, were not expecting opposition when they sought to move part of their trash removal business to the old Thomasville property.

"I think there are some misconceptions about the actual size of the area that we want to use," Bays said.

Bays Trash Removal wants to use less than two of the 85 acres that make up the former Thomasville site. They plan to store about 30 toilets and two service trucks on a small parcel, behind the old manufacturing plant.

"From the parking lot, literally all you see are the trees surrounding the back side of the plant," explained Bays. "I feel like we would be completely out of site."

One person who's raising concerns about the plan is Appomattox town council member, Mary Lou Spiggle. She told WDBJ7 Friday she's worried the waste Bays Trash Removal wants to pump on site will impact the town's sewer system.

"The town has asked that we put a monitoring system on it and calibrate it on a yearly basis, so there's really no issue with the waste that we see," Bays remarked.

The Bays' say they're already operating their business in the Vera community of Appomattox County, and they want to be a positive contributor to the economy in the town of Appomattox.

"We look forward to growth there and potentially hiring some people in the future," Bays said.

The Appomattox town council and planning commission will hold a joint public hearing to get feedback on the plan Sept. 12.