Bedford water supply to be supplemented by Smith Mountain Lake beginning March 20

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Water customers in Bedford will soon be getting their H2O from a secondary source.

The Bedford Regional Water Authority will begin pulling from Smith Mountain Lake March 20.

At first only 100,000 gallons will come out of the lake each day. That amount will gradually go up over the next few months.

Eventually half of Bedford's water will come from the lake.

"We want it to be very non-disruptive," said Megan Aubrey, communications coordinator for the Bedford Regional Water Authority. "We don't want anyone to notice that we're changing the water source a little bit, so this will be our test to see how that goes and work out any kinks."

Right now Bedford's water supply comes from the Stoney Creek reservoir near the Peaks of Otter. It will still be used as the other half of Bedford's water source.