Beloved Virginia Tech therapy dog Moose to earn honorary doctorate

Published: May. 13, 2020 at 7:44 PM EDT
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A special Virginia Tech staff member is so beloved by the campus community, he's being honored in a huge way.

Moose Davis is a full time therapy dog at Virginia Tech. The 8-year-old working dog was diagnosed with cancer in February. But thanks to loving donors, his treatments have been paid for.

Now, the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine is awarding him an honorary doctorate for his work in helping students. His handler, Trent Davis, said Moose makes students feel safe and cared for.

"When I got Moose, I decided right away that he was going to be in the public domain and that he was here for the world, not just for me as my pet," Davis said. "And I think this is recognizing that he has contributed a lot to the world and to the community."

The college says Moose is getting a real diploma. They'll be sure to indicate their newest graduate is indeed a dog, one they say has helped their students tremendously.

"Our program, our DVM program, is a great one and we really challenge our students to be the best veterinarian that they can possibly become," said Jennie Hodgson, Associate Dean of Professional Programs, College of Veterinary Medicine. "But it's stressful at times in that program. So you know, having Moose there to support them is really a wonderful thing."

Moose will be honored during the college's virtual commencement ceremony.

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