Bent Mountain Bistro expresses sadness over loss of Bistro family members

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The Bent Mountain Bistro took to Facebook to express their sadness over the loss of their Bistro family.

The three people that died in the triple homicide incident on Bent Mountain Tuesday all worked at the Bistro.

Here is what the statement said:

"Words cannot fully express our sadness over losing three members of our Bistro family so tragically. We are devastated as is our entire mountain community.

We loved Brandon, Miranda and Cole like they were our own children. They were dependable, hard working young adults who persevered time and time again through hardships in life and at work and maintained their good cheer and kindness towards those around them.

Brandon - you will always be our Pizza Master, for the past 3 years, we watched your growth, from a teenager boy became an amazing man, take responsibilities, work hard, we cannot remember how many times customers said, "that is the best Pizza they have ever had!" and remember, you made it!!! We are so proud of you B., we want to thank you for your delicate/contribution to the Bistro family, and thank you for the joy you brought to all of us, you are going to be deeply missed, our love for you will never end... R.I.P

Cole - We will never forget your laugh, you are a Polite and Sweet boy, and really the best "Food Runner" ever! I cannot remember, how many times you made the customers laugh by setting their food on their table and throw out a joke with them, they loved it.. You are also a great helper, on how many these crazy busy nights, you helped everybody whenever they needed help, never completed, you were a very good team player, thank you for being part of the Bistro family, we love you, and miss you forever! R.I.P

Miranda - Miranda Panda, our little sweetheart, although you haven't stayed with us for years, but since the day you joined the Bistro Family, you have already brought your bubbly personality to any single of us, you never gave a bad attitude to the work you did, always carried a positive energy around us, got along with all the co-workers, you have a very big and kind heart, we just love you as who you were, you were a good sweet girl, we miss you so much, and thank you for your hard work, and thank you for giving us a chance to know you, your sweetness will live forever in our Bistro Family... R.I.P

We are all heartbroken, it is the hardest day ever in the Bistro Family, losing three of you together, you were all good people left too soon.. We just want you to know that the Bistro Family Loves you all so so so much, and you all are going to be deeply missed by us and many others..

Please pray with us for their souls and for their families as we try to cope with what has happened.

We will be closed today and plan to re-open on Thursday if possible.

There will be a vigil here tonight at 6:30. We would like anyone who would like to remember Brandon, Cole and Miranda to join us then.

We are organizing to raise money to help the families with arrangements, please watch for details and share that information when it is available."