Bent Mountain community remembers young victims in triple homicde

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) - The Bent Mountain and Cave Spring communities are still coming to terms with the fact that three young people were killed this week.

According to Roanoke County Police, Trevor Charles, 18, has been arrested for the murders Miranda Trump, 18, Brandon Dekle, 20 and Cole Kennedy, 21.

The Bent Mountain Bistro where all three worked remained closed for a second day on Wednesday.

Dekle's uncle, Jay Joslyn, said he did not know how much the community loved all three of the victims until he spent time at the restaurant where they worked.

"Cole was so polite and funny," said Ben Ward, head chef at the bistro. "He and Brandon were friends to the very end. And Miranda, our sweet little girl, who had just graduated from high school. You will all be missed, you were all like family."

Joslyn and Ward say they are devastated. Both say Brandon Dekle would give the shirt off his back to a friend in need and said he was proud of his position at the Bent Mountain Bistro.

"You know he loved making pizza, he bragged about his pizza," said Joslyn. "[He] said he made the best pizza around."

He said his nephew was best friends with his co-worker and roommate, Cole Kennedy.

"Brothers," said Joslyn, describing their relationship. "You know Cole moved back shortly to Florida and turned around came right back. They was inseparable."

Ward said Cole never complained when work became busy and customers always appreciated his jokes.

Miranda Trump graduated from Cave Spring high school just last week.

Classmate and friend Demetri Poulos calls her bubbly, free spirited and a confidante.

"I just always knew her as this happy go lucky girl, carefree, with the world in front of her," he said

Ward described Brandon as caring and giving - so caring and giving, in fact, that he said Brandon gave the suspect in this case a place to stay in his own home.

That account, and many others, have not yet been confirmed by police. Many members of the community are still desperate for answers about the hours leading up to their deaths.

The connection between the suspect, Trevor Charles, and the victims is unclear. Charles was arraigned in court Wednesday morning and was appointed an attorney. He is scheduled to appear in court in August.