Bent Mountain landowners prevent pipeline crew from surveying property

Published: Jul. 10, 2017 at 4:23 PM EDT
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Bent Mountain resident Kathy Chandler called police Monday morning when

crews showed up ready to survey her land.

"They were just here a month ago," Chandler said. "We were just doing this a month ago. To have them come again feels… 'harassment comes to mind."

Neighbors quickly joined forces, linking hands to create a human barricade and block the workers from their lands.

The crew on scene declined to comment and directed us to Mountain Valley Pipeline spokesperson Natalie Cox who issued the following statement via email:

"In light of the various court rulings permitting MVP surveys, it’s unfortunate that landowners and others continue to interfere with the important and necessary survey work that is required as part of the regulatory process. We are not offering comment on any specific issues that may, or may not, have occurred in the field; and the MVP project team remains confident that we have the legal authority under Virginia statute to access property for survey activity and expects to continue this important survey work in accordance with the strict requirements of Virginia law."

When Roanoke County police came to Green Hollow Road, they suggested crews come back with a court order.

Chandler says Monday's denial was a small victory in a continuing battle.

"I think anybody I've spoken with -- even if they don't live on Bent Mountain -- understands the notion that your yard, your home is your private property," Chandler said. "It's really a foreign concept to think that anybody could walk in your yard and take your information."

Chandler says the work notice also mentioned potential surveying July 11, so she's expecting crews to be back Tuesday.

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