Big Brother open casting call favorites

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) We’ve gone behind the scenes of the Big Brother open casting call. But who stood out?

There were some really great auditions. Judi Love was one of them. Another, Jerry Johnson.

But there were also a few “interesting” auditions.

“Some people come totally prepared and they’re talking and their time’s up, and oh my gosh! And some people think two minutes is quick, but when you’re standing there and they say go, so many people go, “hi my name is so and so, uhh uhhh uhhh,” said casting director, Robyn Kass.

We even interviewed some of the houseguest hopefuls live on 7@Four. So do they have a shot?

“The people who are interesting and authentic, and have that drive for the show. They stick out pretty quickly,” Kass said.

We’ll have to tune in this summer to see!