Big Lick Boomerang offers safe ride option in Roanoke

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Safety and prevention advocates recommend having a plan to get home if planning to celebrate New Years with alcohol.

"Get a designated driver that would be the best plan," said Greg Winge, who is on Fresh Coalition of Franklin County Board.

That board along with other prevention coalitions are continuing to push the "What's Your Plan" campaign, hoping it will remind people to think ahead before going out to drink.

"The police are going to be out with stepped up patrols because it's a big day for them."

In the Roanoke area, there are plenty of alternatives to drinking and driving like taxis and ridesharing programs.
On top of that Big Lick Boomerang offers another option: having a designated driver get you and your car home.

"We are just content to help reduce the amount of drinking and driving incidents," said Big Lick Boomerang owner Diane Rumbolt.

Rumbolt says they expect to be busy New Year's Eve.

"We'll be running until sunlight that night just to make sure everyone gets home safely."

She recommends people plan ahead and register on their website long before they start drinking.

"It really just acts as a permission form giving us the 'ok' to operate your vehicle. It doesn't cost anything at all. If you don't use us it's not a big deal."

If you aren't able to register ahead of time and need help the night of, Rumbolt says same night registrations are possible.

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