Big improvements planned for downtown Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Va. Ginny Bowie likes to visit downtown Lexington.

"We love this town, we love the stores in the town and we love the people," said Bowie. "It's compact. It's clean."

City leaders are working to get more people like her to walk the streets and see what Lexington has to offer. Earlier this week, city council approved more than $20,000 dollars worth of capital improvements for downtown.

City Manager Noah Simon says they'll be working with Main Street Lexington to coordinate the improvements.

"These are going to be some extra enhancements. More places for people to sit, more places for people to throw away their garbage, more places to park your bike in a bike rack," said Simon. "We've got some alleys that are just plain boring alleys. Now, we're going to have some public art."

Some of the programs, like new and creative bike racks, have already started. Even though they are small improvements, leaders say it could have a greater impact.

"People should care about it because when a downtown looks good it attracts more people to live and work and shop here and it just shows a lot of pride in a place.," said Stephanie Wilkinson, who is the executive director of Main Street Lexington.

Bowie is proud of Lexington and the city's efforts.

"Any improvements that you can do to this will just keep bringing people here," said Bowie.