Billboard will highlight Bedford man's disappearance, 20 years later

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 4:38 PM EST
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For 20 years, Bobby Walker has been on an unending mission to uncover answers about his father's disappearance.

"The main goal is finding out where dad's remains are and (having) the guilty people punished," Walker told WDBJ7 Thursday. "I want justice for dad."

No one has reported seeing James Walker alive since April 2000.

At different times his case has returned to the headlines. In the summer of 2015, deputies were seen digging near the trailer where Walker lived on Taylor's Mountain.

Moments like that have given Bobby Walker hope and heartbreak.

"You're hoping that you're going to have closure," Walker said. "Then you find out that you're chasing a ghost."

Walker hopes a new effort will have better results.

In March a highway billboard will be posted with James Walker's photo and details about his case.

Bobby Walker is hoping the billboard's location, near the intersection of Wheatland Road and Route 460, will reach the people who know what happened to his dad.

"When you have a billboard up there, it's going to remind you every time you come into Bedford," said Walker. He hopes that reminder will weigh hard on someone's guilty conscience and give him the answers he's been waiting 20 years to learn.

Even if that doesn't happen, Walker says he's resolved to never give up.

"A lot of people would have let this go to the back burner and give up. Absolutely not!" Walker said. "I'm going to fight for my dad."

The cost of Walker's billboard is being covered by an organization called

The AWARE Foundation.

The message will direct people with tips about Walker's case to contact the Bedford County Sheriff's Office and Central Virginia Crime Stoppers.

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