Blacksburg at Hidden Valley

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CAVE SPRING, Va. (WDBJ7) Blacksburg headed to Bogle Stadium to face Hidden Valley.

Zac Glover/WDBJ7

The Bruins are fond of passing. On 4th and 12, Grant Johnston put it on a rope to Tiquest Terry. The Bruins pick up the first down, and keep the drive alive. Blacksburg will be able to cap off the drive with the handoff to Will Justus. He puts his head down and breaks the plane. The Bruins lead it, 6-0.

And right off the bat, the Bruins set up for an onside kick. They come away with the mall and marched down to punch it in again. Blacksburg tacked on the two points and went up 14-0.

But Hidden Valley wasn't going anywhere. No. 2 looked long and dropped them right into #20's hands, cutting the lead in half.

The Bruins would add to their lead in the second quarter.

The game would go down to the wire, and Hidden Valley would complete the comeback in a wild one, 45-44.