Blacksburg continues development along Prices Fork Corridor

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The town of Blacksburg may be on the map thanks to Virginia Tech, but they've been working to grow beyond just the school.

One area, in particular has seen a lot of growth in the last decade.

From homes to businesses, even schools, the Prices Fork Corridor is starting to look more and more like downtown.

The most recent growth is The Retreat at Blacksburg, a new living complex that will be open in August made up of cottage-style homes.

Northwest Blacksburg may not have as many businesses as downtown, but Kevin Campbell who bought Cox's Driving Range last year, said that's changing fast.

He said, "I grew up in the D.C. area, we used to call it the sprawl that used to work it's way west, the sprawl from Downtown Blacksburg is actually almost here it's almost all the way out to the county."

Mayor Ron Rordam said that's exactly what the town wants.

He said, "In the Prices Fork Corridor we have done a study and we really outlined what type of development we want to see where. We worked with the county on what they call their Village Concept."

Campbell said of the development, "I absolutely love it! I love that fact that there are new homes going in one mile down the road, there's a new development down Merrimack Road, so that's even more traffic, more business, more homes, more bodies coming by my facility."

But the mayor said it's has to be a controlled development. There are some things the town would say no to if it didn't fit the plan for the area.

"We have the three schools that have been brought in line in the last decade or so, which has increased traffic, so we need to be very careful about what we do next so that it does not adversely impact that traffic flow," Mayor Rordam said.

And one place that's safe is the farm land along the road. That's one aspect of the area the town intends to keep just as it's been for decades.

Mayor Rordam said, "We came up with our zoning of being called Rural Residential 1, where you can have some clustered housing, but you still have that agricultural, open space feel. I've not seen any sort of pressure or any sort of desire to move away from that."

He didn't specify what he'd like to see here, but that he hopes to keep that village feel

Kevin Campbell said he owns a large property along Prices Fork Road, and for the right price, he may consider letting a developer build, continuing the growth here.

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