Blacksburg couple seeing coronavirus isolation through new lens

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - What do you do when the business you thought you were going to have is suddenly disrupted by the coronavirus? One local couple found a way to make the most of it. Now, Tyler and Kimberli Giles are looking at America though a new lens.

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What will we remember about the time that America stayed home?

For Kim and Tyler Giles, quarantine and social distancing might be punctuated with laughter.

The Blacksburg couple share a photography business, TG Imagine Photography. It's one that's had to change with the times.

With upcoming wedding shoots postponed, and others up in the air, they are now offering Porch Portraits: a snapshot of family life during the outbreak of the coronavirus.

"In some ways it's brought us closer together to people, because just yesterday we went to a person's house that we've known for years - we've never even been to their house before - to take their porch portraits," said Tyler Giles. "So it's cool; it's just brought us closer to people in some ways."

For families like the family of four they photographed Wednesday, and several others, it's a way to capture life on your own terms.

"And allow them to create memories that one day they’re gonna look back and be able to show these to their grandchildren and to their families and say, you know, 'these are some of the things we did during this time,'" Kim Giles said.

Now is the time, and the porch is the place to show America what taking a step back means to us.

“When people have a chance just to sit down and not be so busy," Kim Giles said, "they have time to think of different ways to bond with their families, and I think this has been a way to help bring families closer together.”

The Giles say a portion of the money they make from the shoots will go to a family member to contribute to the creation of homemade face masks for first responders.

It is worth noting Carilion Clinic said Tuesday it is not yet accepting homemade masks, but is looking for opportunities to use them in the future.

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