Blacksburg gets land donation to preserve community garden

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)-- The town of Blacksburg will now be able to add 70 more acres to its current park inventory.

According to a release from the Town of Blacksburg, the five-acre Hale Community Garden off Maywood Street has been donated by resident Arlean Hale Lambert. Preserving this space for the growth and education around nutritious foods, and to further bring the community together were goals Lambert shared with the new managers of the property, local non--profit Live, Work, Eat, Gather, Inc. and their plans for the future of the area.

During their time at the lead of the revitalization of the old Price's Fork Elementary School, LWEG showed they could effectively bring together community partners for common goals. This is what Lambert and the Town of Blacksburg hopes to see as the result of their handling of the more than 70 plots of the Hale Community Garden.

Town officials see this area as a "gem" due to the low-cost option for local gardening, new community projects, and cold-month indoor vegetables.