Blacksburg group to help additional families as it waits for Syrian refugees

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Members of a Blacksburg group who were preparing to help a Syrian family resettle in western Virginia, say they're cautiously optimistic the refugees will eventually arrive.

The Blacksburg Refugee project has also agreed to help two more refugee families that arrived in Roanoke last week.

President Trump's executive order on immigration prevented the family from Syria from entering the country.

Last week, members of the Blacksburg Refugee Partnership told us they were "devastated" when the President's order prevented the Syrian family from leaving a refugee camp in Jordan.

After a federal judge granted a stay, members of the group said they were more hopeful..

"We have been cautiously optimistic since then that our family that we knew of, that was supposed to come last Thursday would be here with us soon," Susan Verbrugge told us, "and we are still cautiously optimistic."

The partnership has been working with one family of refugees. And the group has agreed to help two more families that arrived in Roanoke last week.

"One is a Somali family, and one is an Afghan family," Verbrugge said, "and we are really excited about welcoming those two families to Blacksburg. So we're going to go from one family to possible four families just in a couple of weeks."