Blacksburg making push to get Old BHS from developers

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The controversial Old Blacksburg High School property may be going to the Town of Blacksburg after all.

During the September 25 meeting, the sale contract with HS Development, LLC was amended making it easier for Blacksburg to take over the contract, if they wanted.

The previous contract said if the contract was passed to anyone by HS Development, the $3 million sale price needed to be paid in full.

The amendment says, if the contract is passed to the Town of Blacksburg, the town can continue on the payment plan established for HS Development, paying in increments for a little more than three years.

According to a letter written by Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam, to HS Development and Montgomery County, "The Town does wish to assume HS Development's obligations under the Purchase Agreement. The Town would ask for a short due diligence period and copies of any reports prepared as part of HS Development's assessment. The Town would also be willing to provide a note, as described in the agreement, to secure the deferred payments. The assignment would require approval by a Council resolution. Please review this offer and give us your thoughts."

The letter is attached to this article for viewing.

Montgomery County Board of Supervisors Chair Christopher Tuck said Wednesday, "So that was, in my mind, a good step by the Town of Blacksburg, and they'll be in negotiations with H and S, and hopefully they'll be able to get that done."

HS Development also wrote a letter saying they'll close on the sale by November 22nd, the day before Thanksgiving.

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