Blacksburg native facing 'extinction' from 'Survivor' tribe

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) -- SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers from Wednesday night's "Survivor: Edge of Extinction."

Rick Devens, a Blacksburg native and contestant on "Survivor," was voted off his tribe on Wednesday.

However, he will now head to the Island of Extinction, where he will get a second chance at redemption.


When it comes to the show Survivor, you won't find much bigger fans than Pat and Patty Devens.

"We have watched the show three times this week," Patty Devens said.

They've been watching since it first aired back in 2000, but now, in its 38th season, they have even more reason to watch.

"He's always wanted to be on the show ever since it started," said Pat Devens, "and it's been a family focal point for discussion."

Their son, Rick Devens, a news anchor in Macon, Georgia, previously applied three times to get on the show, and after the fourth try, he was approved.

"There's a difference between seeing him on the news, which is the job, and then watching him on the show, which the whole family has sort of been watching for years," Pat Devens said.

Pat's position in the military moved his family around the country, eventually landing in Blacksburg.

It was there Rick attended high school, became an Eagle Scout and earned a degree in broadcast journalism from Virginia Tech.

"Surprisingly, he is very athletic, because he doesn't really look the part," said his mom, Patty.

"He's gonna fly under the radar," added dad, Pat.

The Devens' say they don't know the results ahead of time, but mom was happy her son made it past last week's premiere, saying she had two goals for Rick.

"Get on the show. Don't get voted off first," she said.

With t-shirts, buttons and even a Facebook page, it's safe to call these proud parents Team Devens' biggest fans.

"It's really fun. And it's all cool to see all the people supporting our son," they said.