Blacksburg shows up in large numbers for eclipse viewing party

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Hokies came for an eclipse party in Blacksburg and saw it unobstructed.

More than a thousand people stared into the sky this afternoon at Virginia Tech to get a better look at nature's rare show.

Some patted themselves on the back for coming prepared.

"I have had a countdown going," said Robin Goings. This is the day she has anticipated. You can tell she's serious about this, she's wearing just look at those goggles.

"I ended up with these, these are called welding goggles and you put them down, and it blackens and you can raise them up and you can see, and I look like a minion," Goings said.

She arrived early to Virginia Tech's viewing party with a friend to claim her perfect viewing spot.

"We had our glasses and I'm thanking God we are not standing in that line," Goings said.

Folks came before the event started and kept coming forming a line that snaked through trees and up a hill. Only a small fraction of people were able to get glasses given away by the alumni association including Yash Sharma and his friends.

"It's definitely one of those things that you don't want to miss and I'm guessing you will remember this for a long, long time," Sharma, a Virginia Tech student said.

He joined the crowd that stopped and looked up. Some were surprised by the hype this has created in an age of social media compared to previous eclipses.

"I don't remember the hoopla going on with it. We're just here to enjoy," said DeDe Radspinner from Blacksburg.

Several people took full advantage of this party by bringing blankets, lawn chairs, and their own food.

The crowd that came to this was much larger than what the alumni association had expected.