Blacksburg students in Top 10 for nation-wide documentary contest

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Two Blacksburg sisters WDBJ7 has covered before have made a new nationally recognized documentary, and this time they weren't alone.

Ava and Mia Lazar partnered with two of their neighbors to produce the film and used other school children as actors.

The documentary is a Top 10 finalist in the Spellebrity Video Contest put on by the National Spelling Bee.

The question these children had to answer was "How can you kindle the love of reading?"

11-year old Ava said, "All the kids here really love and it was really fun because we didn't really have to do any research this time, it was mostly just what we felt."

14-year old Mia added, "I like it with a lot of people because there's a lot more ideas and it's really fun, I'm really lucky to have all these wonderful neighbors."

The contest is now down to a vote where people can go online to choose their favorites with the top five going to Washington D.C.

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