Blaze pink may become the new blaze orange in the Virginia hunting community

Garrett Turner/WDBJ7
Garrett Turner/WDBJ7(WDBJ)
Published: Jan. 16, 2017 at 10:21 PM EST
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When it comes to hunting clothes, camouflage or blaze orange usually comes to mind. But Virginia may be getting a new look.

The official color of hunting apparel has always been camo and orange but if a new proposed bill passes, camouflage will embrace a new color.

Cassie Crouch is a hunter.

"I think there's more women that need to hunt. It's not just a man thing," Crouch said.

With that in mind there's a new bill being considered in the general assembly. Right now, Virginia law dictates hunters must wear blaze orange all the time during general rifle deer season and to and from the deer stand during muzzleloader season.

Halifax County delegate James Edmunds has proposed a bill to substitute the longtime blaze orange to blaze pink. Crouch is on board with that idea.

"It's just as bright as the bright orange so I think that women should be able to wear pink," Crouch said.

And as far as a marketing tool, Crouch thinks it'll work.

"The more pink that comes out in camouflage I think more women are going to be attracted to it. I know I am. I mean I wear blaze orange but if I had blaze pink shoot I'd wear it all the time," Crouch said.

Wisconsin, New York, Colorado and Louisiana have all passed similar measures.

There are 13,000 women who are registered hunters in Virginia.