Bluefield students get hands-on experience in student-teaching program

Starting in September, students will be subject to a new state law, one that requires students who harass teachers to be referred to disciplinary alternative education programs — outside of their regular classrooms.(Photo: PxHere)

BLUEFIELD, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Three seniors in the Bluefield College teacher education program are training in the School of Education and Social Science’s student-teaching program. The program allows students to work in classrooms alongside veteran teachers to receive hands-on experience.

According to a release from the school, the teacher licensure training is known for being a rewarding experience that leaves graduates well prepared as they enter teaching careers.

The three students receiving this training during the fall 2019 semester are Kaitlyn Oxford of Tazewell and Hunter Furrow of Bluefield, and Sarah Bailes of Exchange, West Virginia.

“The Teacher Education Program at Bluefield College is equipped with the best faculty and resources that have helped me put my best foot forward as a new teacher,” said Oxford, who is completing her student teaching at Dudley Primary School and Graham High School. Oxford graduated from Tazewell High School in Tazewell, Virginia prior to attending Bluefield College, where she was a member of the College’s cheer team.

“My time in the Teacher Education Program has been both challenging and exciting. I can honestly say that I feel prepared to teach,” added Bailes, who is doing her student teaching at Graham Intermediate School and Graham High School. Bailes is a graduate of Braxton County High School. Bailes serves as a council member for Bluefield College Ministries (BCM) and was a recipient of the Gerald E. Clay Scholarship.

“The journey with Bluefield College’s Teacher Education Program has been a 4000 feet elevation climb with every step lit along the way,” said Furrow, who is completing his student teaching at Graham Middle School, which is the same middle school Furrow attended. Furrow is a graduate of Graham High School, where he was a member of the Values Club. He runs cross country for Bluefield College.

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