Bookbag Santa bringing Christmas in July to kids in Belize

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Bookbag Santa volunteers are hard at work collecting school supplies that will be delivered to schools in Belize at the end of July.

Gary Hunt, president and founder of Bookbag Santa, came up with the idea for the organization over 20 years ago. He hated seeing perfectly good school supplies go into the landfill at the end of the school year.

"We literally keep two tons, actually more than two tons of good usable stuff out of the landfill every year. And we take it down to four little schools in Belize or groups here, churches, anybody that asks for stuff that we don't take to Belize, we just give it away,” said Hunt.

Hunt says all of the schools in Belize need help. It's a heartwarming experience he's glad volunteers like David Parr will be able to take part in.

"The trip to Belize really is just a bonus because I could go to Belize on my own if I wanted to. But this is a great way to do it and plus this year we're going to be involved with some other volunteer groups down there and helping them do what they do, clean up beaches and whatnot,” Parr said.

Hunt says he’s looking for a musician to join them on the trip. If you’re interested you can contact him at

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