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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7)— Folks in the New River Valley have a new place to access traditional and science-based remedies from nature.

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The Rise & Shine Botanical Shop is tucked away on 3rd Ave. in downtown Radford. It offers a unique way for people to be in a positive atmosphere with herbal remedies to make you “feel good.”

“We wanted to create a really positive energy space that people could find and come in and make them feel good,” said co-owner and chief operating officer Brian Lawson.

The idea for the shop formed last year with three strangers who took a car ride to North Carolina. Each one of the men now plays an important role in business operations.

The café had a soft opening last weekend as a shop that offers CBD-infused smoothies and shakes, along with shot boosts to help you relax or get energy.

“CBD doesn’t go into anything unless you want it to be,” Lawson said. “We don’t want folks to be under the impression that it’s just all CBD stuff."

The café is also using an apothecary filled with herbs to educate people about how they can use natural remedies for everyday needs. Some of those herbs are included as boosters in the shakes.

“There’s a long tradition of using plants every day in this region that has been lost, so helping connect people not only to their traditional use, but a lot of the science that’s coming out is important as well,” said co-owner and chief wellness officer Jason Dilg. “We’ve really kind of lost a lot of the knowledge on how to use them.”

The chief science officer and grower of the hemp plants, Jabari Byrd, said the Commonwealth has laid out the laws well for them to be successful.

“Virginia has pretty much laid out the pathway for farmers to be successful,” Byrd said. “With the push by the governor a few months ago, we’re in a pretty good position now as farmers in Virginia.”

The trio wants people to see this business as more than CBD. Rise & Shine also strives to support local businesses and art. You can find products and pictures from people in the community throughout the café.

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