Botetourt County family stays safe during Las Vegas massacre

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(WDBJ7) The deadliest attack in U.S. history early Monday morning in Las Vegas wasn't just on people from Las Vegas, as tourists from around the world were in the city. Including people from one of our hometowns.

Police officers and first responders at the scene of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Photo Date: 10/2/17

Becky Heldreth is from Daleville. She's there for the 2017 Wedding MBA Conference, and brought her husband, teenage son, and a friend of his to have some fun on the trip.

That all changed with a frantic call early this morning.

She said during a phone call on Monday, "My daughter called us at 2:20 [Monday morning] and her first words out of her mouth were, 'Are you okay?' We had no idea what had happened, obviously, because we were asleep and we didn't hear anything in our hotel."

To put it in perspective, a short video from Heldreth shows the Mandalay Bay Resort, where the attack was, across the street from their hotel. The attack happened on the other side of the building.

But it was by chance the four of them weren't even closer, as an offer came up at dinner Sunday night.

Heldreth explained, "There was a fabulous waiter there and he invited us, because he found out where we were from and he figured we liked country music, and of course we declined because we knew we were tired, and he was in that crowd last night and I do not know if he is okay."

Heldreth planned to visit that restaurant again Monday to check if the waiter is okay.

She described a very somber atmosphere in Las Vegas Monday, but one of community, as the wait to donate blood was five hours at one point, and Uber drivers were giving free rides to donate. But it's still tough to think of all the devastation that happened so close to her.

"To be honest with you, I had an anxiety attack," she said. "It's so overwhelming, it's unimaginable. I just can't imagine why somebody would want to hurt other people like that, and I had two 17-year old boys with me, that we had to wake up because the school principal at Lord Botetourt High School was already fielding questions to make sure our kids were okay."

While Becky had the conference Monday, her husband took the two boys outside the city limits to take their minds off it.

She said they originally planned to come back Wednesday, but with President Trump set to visit Las Vegas that day and flights at risk to be affected, she said they'll be back home Tuesday.

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