Botetourt Fire and EMS rescue horse from swimming pool

Published: Feb. 6, 2018 at 6:50 PM EST
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Cappuccino the horse decided his comfortable life in the pasture just wasn’t enough.

“So he came out over there," says his owner, Penny MacCormack as she points at the field. "Walked all the way up here to the pool.”

And that’s how he got in the pool.

“It’s a little shocking when you hear that go across the radio," admits Brandon Golla of Botetourt County Fire and EMS. "And you try to wrap your mind around what you just heard.”

Fortunately, in Botetourt, they train for this sort of thing. It isn’t even the first horse call they’ve had lately.

“Within the past 40 days, we’ve had two calls like that,” explains Animal Control Deputy Jake Gossett.

After all, in parts, Botetourt’s a rural county.

“You know," Gossett says, "Cows, horses, pigs, sheep, all that. We’ve got to take care of those calls too.”

“So it’s not something we’re totally unfamiliar with," says Golla. "However, a horse in a pool is a little different.”

So when the firefighters arrived, they rigged a harness with some ropes, and “Pretty much after that," Gossett says, "It was Botetourt backbone pulling the horse out of the pool.”

“His temperature went back up," Penny MacCormack says. "He ate some hot mash, and walked around.”

Of course, as he enjoys his recovery, Cappuccino retains one big mystery.

“He won’t tell us why he came up here!” MacCormack says.