Boxerwood's Fairy Forest hosts Fairy Festival

Bruce Young/WDBJ7
Bruce Young/WDBJ7(WDBJ)
Published: Apr. 28, 2017 at 6:37 PM EDT
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In the morning light, deep in the in the Boxerwood gardens just outside Lexington, there’s a place of wonder.

“Apparently we have some fairies here that have come to Boxerwood and have set up houses here," said Boxerwood Executive Director Levy Schroeder, as she stood amid the tiny structures. "And some of them have gotten very creative and artistic.”

In what is now set aside as the Fairy Forest.

“I guess we could say that the fairies chose this part of the garden because it had grown up wild and there weren’t as many people here,” said Ben Eland, the gardener at Boxerwood:

It's a place they have clearly claimed as their own.

“We’ve never actually seen a fairy here," Schroeder admits. "But you know we come up here frequently and we see little signs of their having been here.”

Although, during our filming, we found one witness.

“ ... the fairies are nice,” one young visitor told Eland.

“They are!" Eland said. "Are you coming for the fairy festival?”

The Fairy Festival will be held Saturday at Boxerwood, with crafts, and even a fairy fashion show.

“We hope that everyone will wear their best fairy finery and participate in that event,” Schroeder said.

And maybe, if you hunt even more thoroughly than Pearl, the Boxerwood dog, you might even finally be the one who sees a fairy.

“You never know!" Schroeder said.

You can learn more about the Fairy Festival at their website by clicking