Bra Lady Boutique offers custom-made breast prosthetics

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Women who have undergone a mastectomy have a new way to regain some of their old appearance.

The Bra Lady Boutique is offering a prosthetic breast that's custom-made.

The owner of the store says she's amazed at how life-like they look.

It's completely custom-made to fit the client's needs, and it's all done by taking a scan of the chest wall and producing a 3D image.

"Any indentations on the chest wall will show up in the back and it is skin tone to match the lady's skin tone," says Bra Lady Boutique owner, Carolyn Lumpkin.

It's so custom-made, it's almost an exact replica of what is missing.

"The blood veins and the freckles, it's amazing." says Lumpkin.

Lumpkin says it's different than any of the prosthetic they've sold before.

"Each year they get lighter, more natural. They whip air into them where they used to be just standard silicone. They were very heavy," she says.

She says women don't necessarily need a prosthetic for the appearance, it's more for their health.

"It's always been that you needed balance after breast cancer surgery because if you don't have one, your shoulders and back will curve to the remaining side," she says.

Another plus - no surgery is required.

"Put it in a bra, any bra they want to wear and they just feel more like themselves again," says Lumpkin.

Lumpkin says they've found most private insurance companies do cover the new product which is called Radiant Impression.

She says all of the customers that have come in to get fitted for one have been more than thrilled with the results.