Breast cancer survivors paint curb at Martinsville Speedway pink

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Breast Cancer survivors spent Wednesday painting the curbs at the Martinsville Speedway pink. The survivors said that it wasn't just about painting but about care and support.

Danica Patrick paints the curb of the Martinsville Speedway pink with breast cancer survivors. Danielle Staub/WDBJ7

Martinsville resident Beverly Rakes is a Breast Cancer survivor.

"When you realize that, the great strides behind the scenes that made towards me being here today, is extremely emotional,” Rakes said.

Rakes really felt that feeling of survival.

"I am clean, fist pump,” Rakes said. "Overwhelmed and blessed, very very blessed."

Rakes was joined by other breast cancer survivors and NASCAR Team Chevy driver Danica Patrick to paint the curbs pink at Martinsville Speedway.

"[Chevrolet has] donated over $6 million since 2011 to breast cancer research through the Making Strides Campaign,” Patrick said.
Chevrolet will donate $350 per caution lap to the America Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in the upcoming October race.

“The dollars that are raised are going to that research to have better detection, better treatment,” Senior Director of the American Cancer Society Patti Jackson said. “Those services that help patients get to their treatment, lodging, wigs, whatever else they need as they are going through that journey.”

And for the survivors painting the curb, that support system is what got them through.

"Support from my husband and my church family and my family as well. People praying for me all over the world and I'm just grateful to be alive,” breast cancer survivor Gwendolyn King said.

If you want to help donate, it's really easy. Use the hashtag #IDriveFor on Twitter and Instagram, and Chevy will donate $5 toward the cause.

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