Brewery 2 Brewery to raise funds for National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) The folks at Devils Backbone are arranging a day-long Brewery 2 Brewery ride on Sept. 10, starting at their Outpost Brewery in Lexington, running up and over the mountains by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then on down to the Basecamp Brewery in Roseland.

Now, it'll cost you $65, but that's all part of their fundraising for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, which they have supported with events at the Outpost for the past several years.

"This year, we're like: What can we do to put a little more oomph behind that effort," Jean Hazelwood, ride organizer, said. "And there are a handful of folks here at the brewery who ride, Fall's a great time to be out on your bike. It was just a perfect fit."

And it's not just the proceeds from rider registration going to fight ovarian cancer. You can also buy a custom-designed jersey, decorated with the Devils Backbone logo and a topographic map of the route, whether you decide to go on the ride or not. You can get the jersey ad signup for the ride on the Devils Backbone website.