Brewery, restaurant, and a new purpose for old school in Montgomery County

Published: Apr. 11, 2018 at 8:30 PM EDT
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Hints of former classrooms are still visible inside the Old Prices Fork Elementary School.

The halls, doors, cabinets, and sign outside look the same. But open a classroom door and there's a new view.

"We're trying to retain the history that's been earned by this building since it's been in service and it really makes a difference when you're done," said Developer Joe Fortier.

He took on this task about four years ago and updated nearly everything inside. Instead of instruction space, 16 two-bedroom apartments line the halls for people 55 and up. It's prime location beside a road with the same name as the school has made the construction a popular topic among former students and people in the community.

"People have been very excited," Fortier said. "The feedback we've gotten has been outstanding. We've done 15 projects all around the New River Valley that are historical like this. We've never gotten the feedback like we did on this one. People love it."

Apartments aren't all that's included in this multi-million dollar renovation. A spacious Moon Hollow Brewery is going in the old kindergarten area of the building. It's scheduled to open in December. A farm to table restaurant is under construction in the former gym with an outdoor seating area connecting the two businesses.

Long term plans call for an addition that includes apartments and a community garden around back.

"It's very exciting and it requires a tremendous amount of patience," Fortier said.