Bugging out in Blacksburg

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) Virginia Tech was invaded by bug enthusiasts of the littlest kind.

"Today we've got 23 kids that are here to experience the glorious world of insects," Tim McCoy, an Extension Associate with the VT Pesticide Safety Education, said.

After a quick lesson on how to collect bugs, they grabbed their nets and jars and set off into the garden. Nine year old camper, Olivia Dunbar says catching insects takes some technique.

"You have to be very swift"

It can also be dangerous.

"If you annoy them then they can hurt you before you can catch them. Then that'd just be a bad day," Dunbar explained.

However, today was a good day, especially for fellow camper, Josh Akers.

"I have never been here before, but so far I am already have so much fun and I do not want to leave here," Akers said.

His bumblebee on the other hand might not have such a good day.

"I think he's going to die soon and it is going to be sad," Akers said. He then explained that he was looking forward to pinning the bee and adding it to his collection.

Bug collecting is something Michael Worrell has been doing for over 5 years. He used to be a student at camp, now he's a camp counselor.

"I think it's cool that we all get to be nerdy together," Worrell said. "You wouldn't think that that many people would like seeing creepy crawlies, but we all get to do it together which is fun."

There might even be some future entomologists in their midst.

"I hope they walk away with just the fascination of the animals that are around them," McCoy said. "They can walk out and see hundreds of different insects everyday."