Businesses prepare for new face-covering requirement

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 9:45 PM EDT
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At firearms dealer Doomsday Tactical, a sign on the door notes the new


But it also points out the exemption for anyone who has a health condition that keeps them from wearing a face covering.

Owner Mark Williams says his customers are welcome to wear a mask if they want to, but he won't be mandating them either.

"I don't want my customers coming in here saying, well, I'm not coming back, because he's going to force us to wear a mask," Williams told WDBJ7." I'm not going to stand at the door and have anybody check. We stay busy here, so if you come in, you don't have a mask on, I'm going to assume you have a medical reason for it."

The sign on the door at R.M. Johnson & Sons Jewelers highlights a policy that's been in place since the store reopened a couple of weeks ago.

Employees have been wearing masks, and they've asked their customers to do the same.

"We'll still be smiling at you with our eyes, and welcoming you into our store," said Jane Johnson, "and you know we'll just keep on doing what we need to do to try to maintain the normal business function."

Johnson said if someone comes in her store without a mask, she can offer them one. And so far, she says no one has refused to wear one.

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