Buyers shop through the rain at 100 Mile Yard Sale in Wythe County

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WYTHEVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Even the rain couldn't keep people away looking for a good bargain in Wythe County.

The 100 mile long yard sale started Friday along route 21 from Wytheville to Harmony, North Carolina.

Indoor sales like the one in the Wytheville Moose Lodge were the first stop for many yard sale travelers and kept people dry during Friday afternoon's storms.

"If you're leaving Wytheville this is the first spot going out 21 so we're the starting point of it. Couple people in here said, well we've got 99 miles to go," said Dan Biertzer, the administrator of the Moose Lodge.

"The entire premise of this entire road market eent is to show people hat there is a second way to get to North Carolina from Wythe County. You can take a break from the interstate," said Jeremy Farley, the Wythe County Tourism Director.

More than a thousand yard sales are predicted to be set up along the route that's expected to bring even more income into the region.

The sale continues through Sunday.