Post Office investigates mail missing in Clifton Forge

Published: Oct. 5, 2016 at 6:28 PM EDT
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While the letter was unexpected, they have to admit, in the end, they weren’t surprised. The folks who showed us the letter from the Post Office said they had been complaining about missing mail for a while. PIN numbers for credit cards that didn’t come, medicine from the VA that failed to arrive.

The local postal workers couldn’t explain it, but the letter did. It says that an “unauthorized individual” had been handling the mail as it was transported between post offices, and that mail was rifled through and stolen.

Postal Inspector Michael Romano tells us that the Postal Service has recovered 250 pieces of stolen mail, which were processed and sent on to the addressees, along with notification like the letter we saw. Criminal prosecution is pending, but authorities have not decided whether to pursue it as a state or federal case.

Customers in Iron Gate told us that the uncertainty of the thefts – some items were stolen, others just thrown away – has resulted in them being unsure whether payments have been made or ATM cards abused.

Virtually any recent financial transaction conducted by them through the mail – like checks for mortgage payments or credit card PIN number forms – have to be double checked back through several months.